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Enviropure Canada provides On Call services for odour and pathogen control to a wide range of professional clients in the Real Estate business, Home Inspectors and Property Management Companies. We provide professional services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Hamilton Ontario and surrounding regions.

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Odour & Pathogen Control

Over time, heating and cooling and ventilation systems, interior surfaces and carpets will be exposed to a build of dust mites,mold, mildew, fungus, cooking fumes, chemical spills and volatile organic compounds. These unwanted “tenants” produce bacteria and viruses.

Enviropure Canada has a safe effective non chemical way to neutralize odour and pathogens in any enclosed space, residential or commercial, in a matter of hours.

“We can breath again! Thank you so much. We would certainly recommend this to anyone with a mold problem.”

Problem: This young family had just moved into their new home and within two nights were experiencing headaches and sore throats when they woke up in the morning. Behind the basement paneling, the damp walls had become home to large amounts of black mold.

Mold spores typically grow into mold and regenerate rapidly in a damp warm dark place. The poorly ventilated basement was the perfect breeding ground and the forced air furnace was the perfect delivery system to spread the spores though the entire home.

Solution: Once the paneling was removed, electrified oxygen gas was introduced into the return air plenum of the forced air furnace. The furnace fan was left on constant while the disinfecting oxygen gas was circulated throughout the entire house for 6 hours.

At the end of the treatment, the musty odour was gone from the entire house together with the headaches and sore throats. The existing mold spores had been killed off and with the mold neutralized, all that remained was to wash the wall surfaces with warm soapy water.

East Hamilton Mountain, ON

“Thank you for your dedication to solving this problem, it has made the two tenants very happy and made my life much easier.”

Problem: After the the new Food Market tenant opened for business, neighbouring tenants began to complain about the strong odour of fish and meats coming into their personal service stores. Smart!Centres, as the landlord, tried everything to solve the problem, but without success.

Solution: The interior odour was easily eliminated by installing an air treatment system that employed the use of electrified oxygen gas to destroy the offending odour as it entered the air space in the ceilings above the neighbouring tenancy units.

A small ozone generator was installed together with a tubular air duct designed to mix the ozone with the odour laden air long enough to destroy the molecular compounds that were producing the odour. The result was fresh air in the neighbouring units.

To control the odour from the trash compactor, we recommended the occasional application of a very effective specially formulated natural enzyme.

Dundas Street Food Market Mississauga ON