About Us

Enviropure Canada can deliver a full range of Odour Abatement services for home owners, commercial property managers, industrial and institutional facilities, building contractors and all levels of the transportation industry.  In addition we also provide full range of contracting services like roof repairs, ventilation installs, HVAC system balancing, plumbing repair services, and much more, all in support of our Performance Guarantee.   

Our mission is to provide low cost practical solutions to the challenges presented in the treatment of odour.

Our commitment is to use environmentally friendly “green” technologies properly adapted to neutralize a wide variety of contaminants and their associated odours.

Our promise is to go beyond the quote and provide every customer with a Performance Guarantee designed to meet their specific needs.

The key to successful employment of any environmental technology is not always found in the choice of technology, but rather in the expertise of those who adapt it to achieve the desired results. The founding company has continued to meet this challenge since 1996.  


Office: 905 692 6666

Detailed written quotes and third party reporting available on a fee for service basis.