Professional Odour and Pathogen Control


INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY! – REDUCE ABSENTEEISM with Odour and Pathogen Control for your Commercial Space!  

In the United State alone, it is estimate that 80 billion dollars worth of productivity is lost each year due to “Sick Building Syndrome” or illness from airborne allergens in the workplace. Bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are much more prevalent in high traffic environments.

Employees can be affected by varying degrees of eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, asthma and bronchitis conditions, common colds, flu, headaches, dizziness, and inattentiveness while working in an environment with “Sick Building Syndrome”. There is, however, a simple but effective solution to this problem.

Treat the interior space and air handling system, locker rooms and offices of your work environment regularly with the Enviropure Canada electrified oxygen system. A single chemical free treatment will protect the quality of the air in your working environment for 4 to 6 months.

You can’t afford not to protect the workspace for your employees, your customers and ultimately, your bottom line. The savings in employee sick time alone will offset the cost of regular periodic treatments.


Did your last tenant leave something behind? Over time, the heating and cooling coils, ventilation system, interior surfaces and carpeting of any given rental unit will be exposed to a constant build up of dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus, cooking fumes, chemical spills and volatile organic compounds. These unwanted “tenants” produce the bacteria and viruses, generating the offensive odours, that can have a serious affect on new rental income, not to mention the potential for liability claims from new tenants.


The Enviropure Canada Bio Disinfection Treatment, a safe, effective, non chemical way to neutralize odour and pathogens in any enclosed space, large or small, in a matter of hours.

All it takes is a little dust combined with some moisture and some heat and you have the right formula for the growth of mold and mildew, breeding the bacteria and viruses which in turn will produce the offense odour that can send your next potential tenant off looking to rent from your competition.


The Enviropure Canada Bio Disinfection system uses high concentrations of electrically charged oxygen (O3) to invade every nook, cranny and crevice in the enclosed interior of any living or working space including the unseen spaces inside air handling system heating and cooling coils as well as the entire distribution system duct work.

This powerful oxygen gas will sanitize and deodorize three thousand times faster than chlorine by instantly killing all microbial life forms, breaking down organic substances and splitting molecular compounds that most often are the source of the offensive odours, rendering them harmless.  Fast, effective odour and pathogen control guaranteed!

“It smells just like the air after a thunder storm.”

Problem: The company delivery vehicles are constantly on the road six days a week, sometimes ten hours a day, making vital deliveries. Although the odour was not in all five of the vehicles treated, it was certainly unhealthy in a number of them. Over time, the heating and cooling coils, ventilation system and interior fabrics were exposed to a constant build up of dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus and engine fumes. In one case it was obvious that the driver was a smoker. 

These conditions generally lead to the growth of odour causing bacteria and/or virus conditions that can result in varying degrees of eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, asthma and bronchitis conditions, common colds, flu, headaches, dizziness and inattentiveness.

Solution: Each of the five vehicles were treated with electrified oxygen for 30 minutes while the air handling system fan circulated air through the entire vehicle. The powerful disinfectant penetrated every nook and cranny of each of the vehicles, including the interior fabrics and carpeting.

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