Absenteeism and your bottom line

n the United States alone, it is estimate that 80 billion dollars worth of productivity is lost each year due to “Sick Building Syndrome” or illness from airborne allergens in the workplace. Bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are much more prevalent in high traffic environments.

But What About Productivity?

Many employees have reported varying degrees of eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, asthma or bronchitis conditions, colds, flu, dizziness, headaches and frequent inattentiveness while working in offices
with “sick air syndrome”, not to mention those dedicated employees who insist on coming to work sick! How many do they infect?

Fortunately there is a positive solution you can employ 24 hours a day!


“After a short incubation period, ordinary carpet dirt contains from 99,500,000 to 11,583,800,000 bacteria in each ounce.” (American Medical Association)
“Pneumonia is caused by dust, not by colds and exposure.”
(Dr. T. D. Evans, Chief of Health Bureau, Chicago, Illinois)

“Air-borne dust, man’s worst enemy. Scientists agree that dust is not only a nuisance, but a menace; sickening and killing millions each year.” (American Weekly)

All it takes is a little dust combined with some moisture and heat and you have the right formula for the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. These in turn produce the sick air conditions you may be unknowingly experiencing in your work place as the air is exchanged
hourly by the building’s air handling system.

An Enviropure treatment uses electrically charged oxygen (O3) to invade every nook, cranny and crevice in the interior of any work space and its associated air handling system.
This powerful oxygen gas will sanitize and deodorize three thousand times faster than chlorine leaving no harmful residue. It will instantly attack both chemical and organic substances, breaking down molecular compounds, killing bacteria and viruses rendering them completely harmless. Guaranteed fast effective odour and pathogen control with a positive return on investment.

If breathing fresh clean healthy air is important to you, book an appointment for an inspection and quote today!
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